The media database serves as a collection of user submitted media sources. Any member of the community may add a media source to their library for personal viewing and testing. Additionally, any member of the community may submit media to the media database.

Here's what a page of the media database looks like:

Sources are listed in rows and display the logo, title, category, number of comments, number of views, number of upvotes, and the status of each media source.

Clicking on a media source takes you to a more detailed page that lists a description, user comments, and gives you the ability to add a source to your library.

To add a media source to your library, click the green "add to library" button as seen below: (if the button isn't showing up, ensure you're using a modern browser such as Chrome or FireFox)

If successful, you will get the following message:

Congratulations, you have successfully added a media source to your library from the media database!