Media sources that are posted in the media database may be flagged by other users if they notice the source isn't working. When a media source receives enough flags, it is automatically hidden from your paired devices and visibly dimmed in your library.

The user who posted the media source also has the ability to hide their post at any time for any reason. If the poster hides their post it will appear as flagged to other users.

While flagged, the media source will have limited controls and only allow you to test it directly from the web or delete it.

Flagging media sources helps all users of channel PEAR keep quality, working sources in their library. Please only flag a media source if you've actually tested it and confirmed that it's not working on your device. Users that abuse the flagging system are subject to bans.

If you notice a media source isn't working, you can flag it by visiting the post in the media database and clicking the "flag" button. (you can go directly to the post from your library by clicking the source's "view post" icon)