Note: If you installed this add-on through a repo and did not have to manually pair your personal library, then it's NOT official. If moving to the official add-on from an unofficial one, make sure you uninstall all instances of the old add-on first.


Your personal channel PEAR library can be synced with Kodi for a seamless experience across both platforms. This article will teach you how to install and use the add-on.


  • You must have Kodi installed - download it here:
  • You must have a channel PEAR account with media sources in your Library (otherwise you won't have anything to sync to Kodi!)


First, go to your library and select "Kodi" under "pair device", as seen below:

Then download the add-on by clicking the green button (you can also download it by clicking here)

Make note of your library URL, as you'll need it to finish the installation at a later step.

Now open up Kodi and navigate to System > Settings > Add-ons > Install from zip file.

Find the location of the ZIP file you just downloaded and select it for installation.

Once it's installed, navigate to Videos > Add-ons. Right click on the add-on and select "Add-on settings".

This will open up the add-on settings menu. Click on the first button that says "Click here to enter your library URL".

Now enter your library URL from previous steps and click "Done" when finished.

Finally, click on the second button that says "After entering, click here to save". This will save your library settings for future access.

That's it! Now you can click into the add-on and watch compatible sources from your channel PEAR library! You may need to back out of the add-on and go back in for your library to populate.