This covers the public m3u channel (red m3u). If you're looking for the private "black m3u" channel click here.

You need at least one Roku streaming device with firmware version 3.1 or later. You must also have an active account.

Follow the steps below to add the M3u Playlist Player channel to your Roku device:

NOTE: If you get a "channel is not available in your region" error when attempting to install the above channel, use our other guide.

Once you've installed the channel, you now need to enter your custom library URL as a playlist.

To get your custom library URL, navigate to your library, select the "pair" dropdown menu, and then select "Roku".

You should then see a custom URL. This is the URL you will need to enter into the M3u Playlist Player channel in the following steps.

NOTE: If you have an older account your URL may be rather long (over 40 characters). If this is the case, you can use the "reset key" button to regenerate a shorter URL.

Now you're ready to save your playlist URL to the M3u Playlist Player. Use the following steps:

  • Open the M3u Playlist Player on your Roku device
  • Select "New Playlist"
  • Give your playlist a name then select "Next" (doesn't matter what it is)
  • Enter your custom library URL then select "Save" (Again, you can get yours by going to your library and selecting "pair" and then "Roku".
  • After the URL is saved you'll need to relaunch the M3u Playlist Player channel to see your newly saved playlist.
  • Relaunch the channel and then select your newly created playlist from the main menu.
  • If entered correctly you'll see "Favorites Screen", "Search Screen", and "My Playlist". Select "My Playlist" to view your full library, or select a specific category folder.
  • Select a stream you want to view and then "Play default format" to play it. You can also add streams to your favorites.
  • If a stream fails to play you can try using the left or right arrow keys to adjust the media format.

If you need any help please don't hesitate to email us at [email protected]